Saks Apprentices don’t need to attend college , they are trained and assessed exclusively in salon.

Assessing the situation

Your salon may be one of the many who already have a qualified assessor in house. If that's the case, great, your Saks Educator will work alongside them to assess your apprentices. If not, no problem, your Saks Educator will carry out all the assessments necessary. You’ll also need to nominate a salon trainer who will take on responsibility for supporting the training needs of your salon’s apprentices.  

By the way, if becoming an assessor is something you or a member of your team would be interested in doing, Saks are now able to offer assessors qualification. Just get in touch with us for more details, a member of our team will be happy to talk you.

Walking the walk, talking the talk

The underpinning knowledge and theory for the apprentice is taught through open learning workbooks, and our newly designed training website and sessions delivered in salon by your Saks Educators. Your salon team and trainer should support your learner in improving their knowledge and completing their workbooks.

The practical aspect of the qualification will be taught in the workplace, supported by other staff with guidance from the Saks Educator.  Assessment of the apprentice can be done by an employer by your salon assessor with the help and support of a qualified Saks Education assessor - or the learner can be assessed solely by us. Your Saks Educator can visit your salon as little or as often as you like, providing the apprentice is achieving their targets and goals. 

We’re in it together

As you’ll have full control over your apprentice’s training, valuable learning time isn’t wasted, it's real-life hands on experience right from the very start. .

Salons can offer one-to-one or small group tuition and Saks apprentices can achieve their qualifications at their own speed. 

It’s important to remember though, this means your apprentice programme can only be a success if you are dedicated to training and developing your apprentices.  It’s not the sole responsibility of Saks Apprenticeships to get your apprentice through their training.  Setting time aside for weekly training sessions is a great way to make sure development and learning doesn’t fall by the wayside. 
Saks Education values equality and diversity and strives to ensure the safety and welfare of all of its learners. Excellence in skills, exceeding employer and learner expectations. ceop image