You may already be aware of what an apprenticeship is. You might have even completed one yourself, but here’s the official definition - just in case.

Apprenticeships allow students to gain an internationally recognised qualification whilst earning a wage and learning from on-the-job experience.

Apprenticeships government funded, designed for learners aged 16 and over (terms and conditions apply) and are made up of:
  • A qualification in chosen area (e.g. hairdressing). 
  • Employment rights and responsibilities.
  • Functional skills in Maths and English (we also offer ICT but this is not a compulsory part of all apprenticeship programmes).
  • A technical certificate (only applies to Management programmes).
For apprentices aged 16-18, the apprenticeship is fully funded, for learners aged 19+, employers will be required to pay a 10% cash contribution towards their training. We are working with employers to ensure this cost is managable for our employers, and would be happy to speak to employers who have any reservations.

All employers commit to paying their learner the National Apprenticeship Wage (£3.50 per hour, rising to £3.70 in April 2018), for the first year of their employment (no matter their age) and dedicating a minimum of 20% of their working hours to training; which could include observation, practical training, theoretical work, or using the Saks Apprenticeships Virtual Learning Portal- full of information, podcasts, and interactive learning modules.

At Saks we also offer Advanced Apprenticeships that include a Level 3 qualification and gives learners the opportunity to add to and develop skills they learnt during their Level 2 qualification.  
Saks Education values equality and diversity and strives to ensure the safety and welfare of all of its learners. Excellence in skills, exceeding employer and learner expectations. ceop image