The personal touch

If you've looked at the current vacancies section of our site but there isn't an apprenticeship in your area don't be disheartened, be proactive, go out to salons in your local area to see if they are looking for a trainee, showing how keen you are will help to set you apart from the rest.

Making a start

Here's some helpful hints on securing an apprenticeship.

Step 1
Write a CV detailing your qualifications (don't worry if you don't have any, or are waiting for GCSE grades from school), including any work experience you've had. Include your full address, with postcode, and your date of birth too.  Make sure your CV is laid out correctly and you’ve checked your spelling and grammar.  Don’t forget to include what type of apprenticeship you are interested in completing and why.  If you need some help writing your CV check out this guide from the National Apprenticeship Service on How to Write a Winning CV.

Step 2
Draw up a list of any salons you'd be interested in working in, don't forget to check our job vacancies page. Then put together a covering letter stating why you want to be a hairdresser/beauty therapist/barber etc and what about working at each particular salon interests you.

Step 3
Send your covering letter and CV out to your chosen salons, or even better call into the salon and speak to the Salon Manager face to face.

Step 4
Wait for 2 weeks, if you don't hear anything, follow up with a telephone call asking if they have received your CV and if they have any vacancies. Even if they don’t have a position available right now, don’t give up. Ask them to keep your details on file in case their situation changes.


  • You might not be successful with the first salon you approach, keep trying!
  • If you're offered an interview this is your chance to shine, sell yourself.
  • During the interview be prepared to ask questions as well as answer them. It's always a good idea to prepare some questions before your interview.

Once you've found a position in a salon contact the team here at Saks Apprenticeships immediately.  We will arrange for one of our best-in-business Saks Educators to come out to visit you and your employer in the salon, to run through how the apprenticeship will work and set up your training programme. 

Good luck, and don't forget to keep checking our current vacancies as we regularly update them.
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