Georgia from Saks Skipton has serious talent! After achieving her level two qualification she is now ‘salon floor ready’ her manager John, and Georgia tell us about her journey with Saks…

 She said: “My journey into hairdressing started when I worked as a Saturday girl when I was around 15/16. I always knew hairdressing was something I wanted to do; I’d already had lots of practice doing friends and family’s hair. You could say it almost came natural to me.
“ Although I knew hairdressing was always a passion of mine, I wanted to keep my options open, so I  went on to study at Sixth Form for 18 months, but always knew it wasn’t quite right for me. This is when I decided to pursue a career in hairdressing and went on to start my NVQ qualification at Saks. After completing my first training session in the salon I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do as I loved the practical work.
“Training with Saks was much better than going to college I feel you create real friendships within the salon, as you’re there full time and all training is work based, which makes it more enjoyable to work.
“Tegan, my Saks Educator has helped me through everything when completing my salon training and I loved doing practical assessments in training sessions I really valued that one to one time with my Educator. Having Tegan and John by my side gave me that little boost of confidence which made it much easier to learn.

“I was also able to learn from observing other team members in the salon by watching how they worked and asking questions.  

“The stylists also let me assist them when applying colours and they let me blow dry some clients hair when they were pushed for time; this helped me progress, as I was working under pressure, which encouraged me to get on with tasks and learn from any mistakes. 
“If I could offer any advice to those considering an apprenticeship it would be; do not be discouraged if you can’t do something first time and learn to take criticism. People explaining to me how I did things wrong made me learn from my mistakes and I was able to correct them when doing the service again in the future.”
Owner of Saks Skipton John, said:
“Saks Apprenticeships are a joy to work with, they give me the confidence to know I am giving my apprentices the best possible training.
“I have had the salon for 11 years and have always used Saks Apprenticeships, without their support I would not have been able to run the business as successfully as I have.
“I knew straight away that Georgia was going to be a great addition to the team, just by that fact she was so eager to learn and had bags of enthusiasm for hairdressing.
Because Georgia has started as an apprentice and worked her way up in the salon for the last two years it has been an easy transition to becoming a stylist.
“Georgia is confident in her surroundings and that is starting to show with her work and building of a clientele.

“She has been an inspiration to my other apprentices and shown great determination to get where she is now. I’m looking forward to seeing Georgia succeed in her hairdressing career!”
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