Saks Apprenticeships are excited to announce a new partnership with the award winning, anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label.

So, who are Ditch the Label? 

Ditch the Label are one of the UK's largest, and most ambitious anti-bullying charities. They offer emotional, psychological and physical support to young people by listening to the problems and issues that affect this generation within our society. They offer support to both those who experience bullying and those who are doing the bullying, as they know from extensive research that there is always a reason why people bully others. This could be due to a stressful home life, loss of a loved one or because they are being bullied themselves, for example.

Their research has shown that 40% of young people who experience bullying never tell anyone through fear, embarrassment or a lack of faith in current support systems, which can negatively impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

Ditch the Label invest in developing innovative and pioneering research to learn more about bullying and its associated behaviours in order to create relevant and effective campaigns that empower young people, and enable them to speak out and seek help. 

The charity’s work is primarily based online as they know that this is where an increasing amount of young people go to in order to escape the issues in their day-to-day lives.
Saks Apprenticeships host a strict equal opportunities and anti-bullying policy, and are keen to work in conjunction with and raise funds for a charity that impacts young people’s lives so dramatically.

Chief Executive Officer at Saks Apprenticeships, Tina Rook said: "We're really excited at the prospect of raising money for such a worthy cause. It’s a sad fact, but most people will be affected by bullying at some point in their lifetime, either directly experiencing bullying, or seeing someone you care about being bullied.

“We want to work with Ditch the Label because we want teens to realise that in fact, bullying should not be a part of growing up, and it's not something that young people should suffer in silence.

"We will be working closely with our salons, apprentices and educators nationwide to encourage everyone to get involved with raising money and awareness for a charity that is doing some really incredible work. 

“We will be offering some fantastic incentives to our apprentices and salons that want to get involved; to encourage them to raise as much money as they can.”

DTL are committed to developing anti-bullying provisions that are relevant to modern teens, addressing wider issues within society without alienating and disempowering young people.
Working closely alongside schools, colleges, parents and guardian DTL educate adults on best practices to tackle and prevent bullying, rather than using outdated, ineffective strategies.

Darcy Eastwood, Head of Fundraising for Ditch the Label said: “We’re really looking forward to working closely with Saks Apprenticeships as the partnership will help us to raise the profile of the vital work that we do as well as raising essential funds for the charity.

“Most of our work is based online so working with Saks Apprenticeships makes complete sense considering the age range of the young people they work with.”

“We are one of the very few organisations out there that aims to support those who experience bullying as well as the perpetrators of bullying as we know that there is always a reason why people bully others. This could be anything from their parents getting divorced or the family pet passing away, for example. What we’re trying to say is that bullying is a behaviour and not an identity. One of our aims is to remove the labels of ‘victim’ and ‘bully’ as these are both disempowering and damaging to young people”

“We aim to stop body shaming, to lift the stigmas attached to mental illness; we're here to address problems that are happening right now in today’s society.“For example, our newest campaign aims to highlight and promote body confidence as there are so many conflicting messages in the media at the moment. After research suggested that one in two teenagers would like to change their appearance, we decided it was vital to encourage people to feel happy and confident in their own skin.

“The key message in our campaign is to help people accept that despite society’s attitudes and misconceived perceptions, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect body’. What may be deemed as attractive to one person isn’t necessarily what another may consider beautiful.

“Bullying is a societal issue which is at epidemic proportions and we want to encourage Saks Apprentices and salons to get involved with Ditch the Label and help us to beat bullying for good.”

To get involved with fundraising for Ditch the Label download, our ‘Let's Beat Bullying’ fundraising guide. 

Or head to Ditch the Label's website, for more inspiration with their 101 Fundraising ideas.
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